Questions for November 22nd on Genesis 36


Questions for Genesis 36:

1) Why is this genealogy inserted at this point in Genesis?

2) Why were Esau’s sons referred to as ‘chiefs’?

3) How could the author refer to kings reigning over the children of Israel?

4) What does it mean that Esau’s descendants formed kingdoms so early in their history?


Questions for November 15 on Genesis 35


Questions for Genesis 35

1) Why do you think Jacob’s household still worshiped idols?

2) Why were the cities afraid of Jacob and his people?

3) Why does God reestablish his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at this point?

4) Was it important that Jacob change his final son’s name?

5) Were Reuben’s actions wrong?

6) Did Isaac live to see the fulfillment of the covenant?