Questions for May 10th on Genesis 8


Questions for Genesis 8:

1) Why does verse one say that God remembered Noah?

2) Why did Noah send a raven first?

3) What does God tell the inhabitants of the ark once they landed on dry ground?

4) What do we make of the ominous statement in verse 21?

5) What promises does God give to creation at the end of chapter 8?

Questions for March 22nd on Genesis 2.4-25

Adam and Eve

Questions for March 22nd on Genesis 2.4-25:

1) Why is there a second creation narrative?

2) Could creation be complete without man and woman? Why or why not?

3) What makes humanity different from all other creatures?

4) Why did God give Adam a moral choice?

5) What is the significance of the creation of woman from Adam’s side?

6) Why is verse 24 important to our understanding of family?