Faith in the Chaos- Chapter Eleven: Dreams and Needs


One of the personal visions that Raivis had for his small town was for a Bible school. There was a large unfinished building at the end of his road which sat abandoned. It was started during the communist era but now sat empty.

There was no doubt there was a need for a Bible school in Latvia. The only Christian school in the country was a seminary in Latvia.

Raivis told me that the city administrators had offered to sell the building at a substantial discount. Even in it’s unfinished state, the building was impressive. He told everyone he could about his dream, and I was no exception. He even took me on a tour. I wasn’t sure what I could do to help, but I promised that would take pictures of the building and show to people back home.

One thing I could say for Christians in Latvia was that they were always looking forward. Some may call Raivis a dreamer, but dreamers are a blessing.

I didn’t write this to recruit people into helping Raivis achieve his goal. I wanted to show the great needs of the country. They needed places for Christian leaders to be trained. I commended Raivis for wanting to fill that need.

Unfortunately, there was only so much that a poor student like me could do. But it was up to people like me to catch the vision with the means to help. It was a daunting task. Those who have never seen cannot understand the depth of need.

I promised to help Raivis, but I was not very optimistic. I would never want to limit what God could do, but I wondered if the Church in North America would catch the vision. Yet I believe God is still greater.