A Beautiful Mess


Over the years our church has hosted many Summer missions groups. One group was a youth choir from Louisiana. They brought everything they needed for a full production- sound board, speakers, amplifiers and microphones. It was overkill for a storefront church that was only three rows deep.

Their performance was excellent. Even though the choir was larger than their audience, they sung their hearts out. After one song, one of our people stood up to leave. That wasn’t unusual for our crowd. People flowed in and out constantly during normal services.

This time the man didn’t leave. He walked straight up to the choir and stood in front of one of the mics. The girls behind them looked horrified as this disheveled homeless man took over their performance.

He leaned into the mic and said, “And the show continues.” With that, he returned to his seat. Miss Olivia and I laughed so hard we nearly fell off our seats.

We weren’t laughing at the choir. They were good young people who were serving God. We appreciated their efforts.

We laughed because of the absurdity of the moment.

What do you do when the absurd becomes your normal? We don’t try to make sense of them. That would only make us crazy. Instead, we laugh. A lot.

People are a beautiful mess. They aren’t statistics or diagnoses. They’re in the continual process of becoming God’s great vision for their lives. An essential part of that journey is learning to laugh with each other. They need a church to love them where they are.

The Undiscovered Country is a beautiful mess.


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