Toilet Ministry


Much of what I’ve learned about ministry, I learned from Pastor Joe. He was a man uniquely qualified for ministry in the Undiscovered Country. He went home to be with the Lord several years ago, but the example he left and the lessons he taught shape the lives of those touched by his ministry.

One of the most important things he taught me happened by accident. One Sunday morning I arrived at church extra early. I discovered Pastor Joe was already there. He was in his Sunday best, on his hands and knees in the bathroom, cleaning the toilet. When I asked him why he was doing that before church, his reply was simple.

“It needed to be done.”

Pastor Joe was never above getting his hands dirty. He understood that ministry isn’t glamourous. It’s about service. It’s a willingness to shun the spotlight and do the things than no one else wants to do.

As I look back on that moment, I think it was Pastor Joe’s way of being like Jesus, washing the people’s feet. It was genuine humility.

I haven’t lived up to Pastor Joe’s example, but I haven’t given up trying. Hopefully one day I will. Until then, one thing remains certain. I am deeply thankful for the mentorship of a great man of God.

That’s leadership in the Undiscovered Country.


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