Daniel in the lions' den. Detail of 15-03-03/41

Daniel in the lions’ den. Detail of 15-03-03/41

In the Undiscovered Country, we are a counterculture. Discipleship is an alternative lifestyle. There are no delusions among us. In our world, we don’t belong. We are outsiders.

As I look beyond our borders, I observe that this is true everywhere. Disciples of Christ are forced to come to grips with the reality that we are strangers and aliens. We are not hip. We are not trendy. We’re outcasts, just like Christ.

How then shall we live?

I’m inspired by Daniel. He lived at the lowest time in Israel’s history. Kidnapped and indoctrinated into Babylonian culture, he consciously remained faithful to his God. But it’s not the conviction that I find so amazing. It’s how he lived out his faith:

1. Daniel was respectful and polite. He didn’t demand better treatment, he sought permission for different treatment. (See Daniel 1.8)
2. Daniel offered another solution. He gave his captors another option. (See Daniel 1.12-13) That’s wisdom.

It’s also important to notice that Daniel wasn’t alone. God prepared the way for his servant:

1. God granted Daniel favour with his captors. (See Daniel 1.9)
2. God honoured Daniel’s request by preserving the health of Daniel and his friends. (See Daniel 1.15-16)

What do we learn from Daniel?

1. Godliness and obedience and conscious decisions. Remember, nothing that is truly valuable in life is easy- especially discipleship.
2. God honours our faithfulness. Christ promised never to leave us and forsake us, and he won’t.
3. Despite the chaos around us, God still cares for his people. He makes a way for us where no way seems possible.

The Undiscovered Country can be a scary place, but with Christ, we are never alone.


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