Nursing Home Ministry in the Undiscovered Country- Part Two


One day I got a call from a nursing home we visit regularly.

“Do you do weddings?” I was asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“That’s awesome. Would you do one for us?”

Helen, a seventy-one year old resident I knew wanted to get married. For Helen, it was her first marriage. Both families approved of the match, so we were allowed to go ahead. In actuality, it was a commitment ceremony, but in their couple’s eyes it was their wedding.

The ceremony was planned for the courtyard of the nursing home. The staff rallied their full support. Many were even giddy with excitement. In a matter of a few weeks everything was planned.

The day of the wedding was thrilling. The whole facility was buzzing. Helen was especially excited. She told me that she waited her whole life for this moment.

The service was romantic. A staff member sang to the couple. Another gave the bride away. Ohs and Ahs were expressed when Helen emerged in her beautiful dress. Perhaps even more beautiful was the smile that lit up her face as she finally realized her dream. Tears of joy were in full stream as the couple leaned forward in their wheelchairs when I told the groom, “You may kiss the bride.”

I’ve had the privilege of presiding over several weddings, but this was the best wedding I ever performed.

I thank God for these joys. They show the playful side of God’s character. They emerge unexpectedly and refresh our souls.

Ministry in the Undiscovered Country is always a blessing.


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